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    Luminous art on superfine photographic fabric
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    Your own photos, Wallstyle Art or Artist Editions, limited and unlimited

Your own picture

Upload your own motif – free of charge and without obligation. To ensure that nothing goes wrong, our experts examine your image data before printing.

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Wallstyle images

Landscapes, cities, people, animals, modern or retro, in colour or black-and-white – pick and choose from our extensive Wallstyle Art gallery.

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Wallstyle Art Editions

A collection of artist editions specially put together for Wallstyle, limited and unlimited. Discover our exclusive Wallstyle Art Editions.

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Wallstyle makes art light up: High-tech prints on an exclusive high-resolution photographic fabric set in a detachable handmade-to-measure aluminium frame. The integrated LED backlighting (optional) creates a stunning impression of depth with brilliant colours and sharp details. Experience your own photos, Wallstyle Art or Artist Editions in your own home, office or shop.


Integrated LED strips combined with tiny diffuser lenses create a completely homogeneously illuminated area (frame optionally available without lighting).

Motif change

Child's play: Even large motifs can be swapped out by one person within minutes. The frame remains in place – you get a totally new experience.


Wallstyle is available in a range of standard or made-to-measure formats. Whether you want a small square or one that covers a whole wall – Wallstyle works in every size.

  • “I try to capture the special, the unusual thing about a moment in my pictures. Wallstyle brings these moments to life and displays my works in a new light. For me, Wallstyle is the new standard for international gallery presentations.“

    Mitja Arzensek

    Professional photographer, Paris

  • “Amazing depth of colour, razor-sharp details and a pleasant warmth! A luminous new viewing experience.“

    Carsten Brügmann

    Professional photographer, Hamburg

  • IMPACTful

    Bedroom, living room or corridor: Wallstyle creates atmosphere at home
  • IMPACTful

    Shop window, restaurant or bar: Wallstyle stands out in public spaces
  • IMPACTful

    Reception, conference room or office: Wallstyle makes an impression at the workplace
  • “The Wallstyle concept is truly unique, because it brings out the full expressiveness and colourful vibrancy of photos in all their glory. The photo of the Düsseldorf TV tower in the Wallstyle frame lends my office a very special flair. Great stuff!“

    Rüdiger Goll

    Managing partner
    Industrie Consult International M&A GmbH

  • “When I first saw the colourful photographic art created by Carsten Brügmann, I was blown away. The manner of presentation – on fabric with a backlit frame – strikes me as an ideal combination that we'll be using in our business premises in the near future.“

    Klaus Verstegen

    Member of the Board
    ADKL AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

  • Child's play

    Everything's made easy: Transport, mounting and motif change
  • Child's play

    Even large motifs can be replaced in just a few minutes

Whether you're a professional, a keen amateur or a casual photographer: Wallstyle MyFoto lets you add a whole new dimension to your own pictures – an impressive effect for you and for others. If you'd rather stick with time-tested motifs, you can select one of the Wallstyle Art photos. Or you could treat yourself to something really special: a motif from one of our Wallstyle Art Limited Editions – hand signed and with certificate, of course.

  • technoLOGICAL

    Made in Germany: Advanced technology and handmade to the highest precision
  • technoLOGICAL

    LED strips with mini diffuser lenses provide for even illuminating
  • technoLOGICAL

    Sublimation method: Wallstyle doesn't print onto, but into the fabric
  • technoLOGICAL

    In-house development: robust and lightweight aluminium frame system

Wallstyle is high-tech made in Germany: Advanced technology combined with skilled workmanship and over 20 years' experience. Around 90 employees take care to ensure that materials, technology and fabrication are of a consistently high quality – from the data processing department and in-house metalworking shop to the printer and sewing room. The systematic development of digital fabric printing techniques and frame systems led to the invention of fabric_frame® – the basis for the Wallstyle experience.

Fabric and printing

To ensure top printing quality, Wallstyle uses systems with a large colour gamut and a specially developed superfine photographic fabric. What makes it special: We don't print onto, but into the material. With the so-called dye sublimation printing process using water-based inks, the fibres of the fabric are "opened up" to accept the colours using heat. They then become an integral part of the fabric during the subsequent fixing step. The result: The fibres are not just printed onto, but dyed through. The advantages: vibrant colours, totally wear-resistant, odour neutral and can be folded without cracking or crazing. The Wallstyle photographic fabric is thus extremely hard-wearing, can be stored folded up and even washed in a washing machine.

Frame and lighting

Each Wallstyle frame features a light but strong aluminium carcass. The in-house developed aluminium profiles can be assembled without the need for special tools. Once assembled, it takes just seconds to mount the Wallstyle photographic fabric in the frame – without creasing. The fabric has silicone rubber piping running along its edges, making it quicker and less expensive to replace motifs. Wallstyle frames are available either with or without backlighting. LED strips with special mini diffuser lenses pre-installed on a flexible textile rear panel ensure totally even illumination – without generating extra heat and reducing power consumption by up to 70 per cent.


We want to make the Wallstyle experience as easy and convenient for our customers as possible. This is why our smaller frames are delivered fully pre-assembled. Extra-large illuminated frames are professionally installed at your premises by our mounting and delivery service: We take care of mounting the frame and wall fixings as well installing the LED lighting and electrical connection (in the case of illuminated frames). All that remains for you to do is to try out the different lighting moods of your new Wallstyle illuminated frame, either using the dimmer switch on the frame or from the comfort of your couch using the optional remote control.

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